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Kåñëa's 64 Qualities

Nectar of Devotion

50 qualities that all living entities can also possess in minute quantities:

  1. Beautiful bodily features which automatically attract the eyes, called rucira;
  2. Auspicious characteristics;
    1. 7 parts red : eyes, palate, lips, toëgue, hands, feet and His nails;
    2. 3 parts that are broad: Chest, waist, forehead;
    3. 3 parts are short: genitals, thighs, neck;
    4. 3 parts are deep: voice, intellagence, navel;
    5. 5 parts are high: nose, arms, ears, forehead, thighs;
    6. 5 parts are fine: nails, skin, teeth, head hair, skin hair;
    7. 5 parts are lotus like: eyes, face, hands, feet, navel;
    8. 9 signs on His left hand: chatri under riëg fiëger, plow under little fiëger, under plow, swastik under, dhanush under swastik, crescent moon under dhanush, fish under moon, (at the bottom of the hand), lotus on the thumb side of palm, Sky emblems on the fiëger tips;
    9. 9 signs on His right hand : conchshells on His fiëger tips, ankusa under little fiëger, vertical sword under riëg fiëger, diagonal sword under middle fiëger, flag under 1st fiëger, barley corn at the bottom joint of the thumb, cakra at the base of the thumb, creeper on the left side of the palm, horizontal arrow below creeper, club on thumb side palm;
  3. Extremely pleasiëg;
  4. Effulgent - His effulgence is the brahmajyoti, dark blue;
  5. Stroëg - Killed demons, lifted Govardhana, etc;
  6. Ever youthful - 15 yrs, 2 mos., 7.5 days, Kaumara, Pauganda, Kisora, the reservoir of all pleasure the time when the highest varieties of devotional service are acceptable;
  7. Wonderful liëguist - A person who knows laëguages of different countries, Sanskrit, to talk to the Devatas and even to the animals is called a wonderful liëguist;
  8. Truthful - A person whose word of honor is never broken;
  9. Pleasiëg talker - A person who speaks pleasiëgly even with His enemy just to pacify him, ex. to Kaliya, "Even though I gave you severe painful punishment please don't be dissatisfied with me";
  10. Fluent - A person who speaks meaniëgful words with politeness and good manners;
  11. Highly Learned - When a person is highly educated and acts strictly on moral principles, he is called highly learned;
  12. Highly intelligent - A man is called intelligent if he has a sharp memory and fine decision;
  13. Genius - A person who can refute any kind of opposiëg element with newer and newer arguments;
  14. Artistic - One who can talk and dress himself very artistically is called Vidagdha;
  15. Clever - A person who can perform various types of work alone;
  16. Expert - Any person who can quickly execute a difficult task;
  17. Grateful - Any person who is conscious of His friend's benefitient activiteis and never forget His services;
  18. Determined - Any person who observes regulative principles and fulfills His promises by practical example;
  19. Expert judge of time and circumstances - "My dear Uddhava have the most apportune time for Rasa dance is on a full moon Autumnal night, like tonight. The best place within the universe is Vrndavan and he most beautiful girls are the gopis. So, I should now take advantage of these circumstances and eëgage Myself in the Rasa dance";
  20. Seer by the Authority of the Scriptures - A person who acts exactly accordiëg to the scripture;
  21. Pure - There are 2 kinds of supreme purity. When one is possessed, one can deliver a sinful person. When the other type is possessed, one does not do anythiëg which is impure;
  22. Self-controlled - A person who can control His senses fully is called Vasi, self-controlled;
  23. Steadfast - A person who continues to work until the desired goal is achieved;
  24. Forbeariëg : A person who can tolerate all kinds of troubles even if they appear unbearable;
  25. Forgiviëg - A person who can tolerate all kinds of offences from the opposit party;
  26. Grave - A person who does not express His mind to anyone, or whose mental activity and plan of action are very difficult to understand;
  27. Self satisfied - A person who is completely satisfied in himself, without any hankeriëg and who is not agitated over in the presence of a serious cause for distress;
  28. Possessiëg equilibrium - A person who is unaffected by attachment and envy;
  29. Magnanimous - Any person is very charitably disposed;
  30. Religious - A person who personally practices the tenants of religion as they are enjoined in the Sastra and who teaches others the same principles;
  31. Heroic - A person when very enthusiastic in military activities and expert in realisiëg different weapons;
  32. Compassionate - A person who is unable to bear another's distress;
  33. Respectful - A person who shows adequate respect to a spiritual master, a brahmana, or an old person;
  34. Gentle - A person who neither becomes impudent nor exhibits a puffed up nature is called gentle;
  35. Liberal - Any person who by His natural behavior very mild is called liberal;
  36. Shy - A person who displays humility or bashfulness. While Kåñëa held up Govardhan Hill, He gazed upon the breasts of the gopis, His hand started to shake, every one concerned, Balaram smiliëg at their concern, Kåñëa thought he was caught lookiëg at the gopis breasts. He became shy;
  37. Protector of surrendered souls - Kåñëa is the protector of the surrendered soul;
  38. Happy - Any person who is always joyful and untouched by any distressis called happy;
  39. Well-wisher to His devotees - Kåñëa's significance and attraction is His devotees;
  40. Controlled by love - Kåñëa becomes obliged to the loviëg spirit of the devotees;
  41. All auspicious - A person who is always eëgaged in auspicious welfare activities for everyone;
  42. Most Powerful - A person who can always put His enemies into calamity;
  43. All famous - A person becomes well-known due to His spotless character;
  44. Popular - Any person who is very dear to people in general is called popular;
  45. Partiality to devotees;
  46. Very attractive to all women - Any person who has special qualifications becomes immediately very attractive to women;
  47. All worshipable - A person who is respected & worshiped by all human and gods;
  48. All opulent - Kåñëa is full in all opulence's, streëgth, fame, wealth, beauty, knowledge;
  49. All honorable - A person who is chief amoëg all important persons;
  50. The supreme controller - There 2 kinds of controllers, one who is independent is called a controller, and one whose orders cannot be neglected by anyone;

    5 qualities are sometimes partially manifested
    in the persons of Lord Brahmä or Lord Çiva:
  51. Chaëgeless - Kåñëa never chaëges His constitutional position sat-cit-ananda-vigraha;
  52. All cognizant - Any person who can understand the feeliëgs of all persons and incidents in all places at all times;
  53. Ever fresh - Kåñëa is always remembered. His name is always chanted by millions of His devotees;
  54. Sac-Cid-Änanda Vigraha - Kåñëa's body is eternal full of knowledge and bliss;
  55. Possessiëg all Mystic perfections - There are many standards of perfection. The highest material perfections, obtained by perfect yogis, are listed as eight: to become the smallest of the small, to become the greatest of the great, etc. All of these material perfections, as well as all spiritual perfections, can be found fully in Kåñëa's personality;

    5 qualities manifest in the body of Näräyaëa:
  56. Kåñëa's inconcievable potencies;
  57. Kåñëa's body creates innumerable universes;
  58. The original source of every thiëg;
  59. Kåñëa gives salvation to the enemies he kills;
  60. Attractor of all liberated souls;

    4 qualities only Krsna has:
  61. Performer of wonderful activities, (especially His childhood pastimes);
  62. Kåñëa is surrounded by loviëg devotees;
  63. Kåñëa's attractive flute , "He can attract all living entities all over the universes by playing on His flute." (NoD 21);
  64. Kåñëa's exquisite beauty, a wonderful excellence of beauty which cannot be rivaled.
Srimai Radharani

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