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Yädava dynasty [See:] Yadu dynasty.
Yadus the descendants of Yadu, in which dynasty Lord Kåñëa appeared.
Yadu dynasty the dynasty in which Lord Kåñëa appeared.
Yajamäna the sponsor for whom a Vedic sacrifice is performed.
Yajïa a Vedic sacrifice; also, the Supreme Lord, the goal and enjoyer of all sacrifices.
Yajïa-puruña Kåñëa, the supreme enjoyer of all sacrifices.
Yajur Veda one of the four [Vedas,] the original revealed scriptures spoken by the Lord Himself.
Yakñas ghostly followers of the demigod Kuvera.
Yama the process of controlling the senses.
Yamadütas the messengers of Yamaräja, the lord of death. whose complexions are yellow and black and who brandish huge maces and twirl mystic pasha ropes in the air for binding their victims.
Yamaräja the demigod who punishes the sinful after death.
Yämunäcärya a great Vaiñëava spiritual master of the Çré [sampradäya].
Yaçodä the foster mother of Kåñëa, who was the Queen of Vraja and wife of Mahäräja Nanda.
Yaçodä-nandana the Supreme Lord, Kåñëa, who is the darling son of Yaçodä.
Yäträ journey.
Yavana a low-class person, generally a meat-eater; a barbarian.
Yayäti the king who, because of his lust, was cursed by Çukräcärya to prematurely accept old age.
Yoga spiritual discipline undergone to link oneself with the Supreme.
Yogamäyä the internal, spiritual energy of the Supreme Lord; also, its personification as Kåñëa's younger sister.
Yoga-nidrä the mystic slumber of Lord Viñëu.
Yoga-siddhis mystic powers.
Yogendras nine devotee sons of Åñabhadeva.
Yogeçvara the Supreme Lord, Kåñëa, the supreme master of all mystic power.
Yogé a transcendentalist striving for union with the Supreme.
Yoginé a female [yogé].
Yojana a Vedic unit of length equal to about eight miles.
Yudhiñöhira the eldest of the five Päëòava brothers; he ruled the earth after the Kurukñetra war.
Yuga-avatäras the four incarnations of the Supreme Lord who prescribe the appropriate method of spiritual realization in each of the four [yugas,] or ages.
Yugas ages in the life of the universe, occurring in a repeated cycle of four.
Yuga-dharma the religion for the age.
Yukta-vairägya real renunciation in which one utilizes everything in the service of the Supreme Lord.

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